• Meticulous workmanship from start to completion.
  • Quick Turn Around: Our water heater repair or installation service gets your hot water back sooner, rather than later.
  • 1 Day minimally invasive slab leak detection and repair.
  • Upfront quote guaranteed not to change.
  • We Stand By Our Work.
  • Guaranteed Excellence Service.
  • A pleasure to work with.

Do You Need to Get Your Hot Water Working Again?

Being without hot water can be a nightmare. Dirty dishes, laundry piling up and cold showers!
But NOT when you call Gardner Plumbing! Our specialty is getting your hot water back.

Do you need a Slab Leak Detection and Repair?

Slab leaks can be found either on the pressure side or the drainage side of your foundation. If the slab leak is on the pressure side of the drains, it can typically be unearthed prior to triggering a lot of destruction. While these leaks are usually found quickly, they can cause significant damage. Leaks on the drainage side can be considerably more veiled, making them trickier to spot. They can leak for ages, showing no external indication. Slab leaks can make your foundation collapse. To stop this from happening, the plumbing must be examined frequently.

Why choose us?

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Guaranteed Excellent Service

If you suspect you may have a slab leak in your home, call us for professional slab leak detection and repair.
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Honest Pricing

Up-Front Pricing, Guaranteed NOT To Charge upon completion
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Lifetime Guarantee

Our slab leak repair comes with a lifetime Guarantee or It’s Free, Guaranteed!
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Safety Testing

You can look out for more subtle signs that may indicate you have a slab leak.
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Cleaner Work

We leave the Area Around your Slab Leak and better than we Found it
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We are the good guys

No games, No Funny Business, No price Hikes, and a pleasure to work with

Here is what Other Residents are Saying…

  • Ron M

    i had water running out of my garage. I called Gardner Plumbing based on their reviews and proximity to my house. Joseph sent over Ken to diagnose the problem. It was a slab leak beneath the wall between my garage and laundry room. Ken and Joseph took care of the leak without breaking any concrete the next day. They were very courteous, personable and professioonal. I wouldn’t hesitate to call them again although I hope I never have to.

  • Warren Greer

    Joseph provides excellent service and leaves your home looking like it did before he got there. That is a distinction that many plumbers/contractors can’t brag about. You can rest assured Joseph will take care of what ever plumbing problem you have and that you’ll have a leak-free experience.

  • Leslie Cotton

    Had a hot water line leak under slab just when we were going to sell our house. Joseph and his crew diagnosed, capped off the problem lines, and rerouted a new line. Even when they ran into problems, they stuck with it until completed. Then after my escrow closed and we were almost finished packing up, we sprung a leak in our hot water heater line and I didn’t want to leave the new owner with a problem. Joseph came over late after another job and fixed it. I would highly recommend this company. They know what they are doing, they do what they say, and it’s done right!

About Us

“My name is Joseph Gardner, and my brother Jim and I founded Gardner Plumbing in (1985).

We have lived in Los Angeles and Riverside County for all of our lives, and we have fixed and installed hundreds of Hot Water Heaters and Fixed many Slab Leaks in the area.”

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