Slab Leak Detection

A great slab leak detection plumber will not only know how to provide slab leak detection services with the latest, reliable equipment, but they will know how to do it it without causing undue damage to your home or business. Let Gardner Plumbing provide the slab leak detection you can count on.

Slab Leak Detection

Slab leak detection is needed when you think there may be water leaking up from under your floors. Slab leaks can be dangerous for your home because they can cause expensive damage, and they can lead to excessive moisture which can cause mold growth that will make you sick.

Here are some basic tips that will help you determine if you need to call in a plumber for a full and thorough evaluation.

Signs You Have a Slab Leak
It can be difficult to determine if water damage is coming from a slab leak or some other water leak source. Pipes in your walls or ceiling may have broken and cause the damage, but a good slab leak plumber can tell the difference.

Signs that may inspire you to call in a plumber could include the presence of puddles on your floor, wet carpet or damaged and warped flooring, evidence of mold growing along the baseboards or between the cracks of your flooring, higher than normal water bills that you can’t explain, and perhaps most obvious, a reduction or loss of hot water throughout your home.

You should also be aware of wet spots on the concrete or grassy areas outside of your house, as these may also be a sign of exterior water leaks. Cracks in your foundation can be another sign that something is damaging your property.

You may even notice the sound of water running when no water is being used. This could be a strong sign that somewhere in your piping you have a leak that is running constantly, and all that leaking water has to go somewhere. This is a great starting point for your own slab leak detection. Then you can call in the professionals.

What Can Cause a Slab Leak
There are many causes for slab leaks. Rusting pipes or excessive water pressure force can be a cause for slab leakage. Some natural causes that can lead to the outcome of slab leaks are earthquakes, freezing temperatures, other natural events. Another possibility is if a construction project on your property accidentally damages your water pipes, leading to either immediate or eventual pipe leaking. All of these causes will eventually lead to a proper slab leak detection effort.

What to do About Slab Leaks
Once you’ve determined through a professional slab leak detection plumber that you do in fact have damage requiring a solution, you will want to quickly proceed with a slab leak repair. Fortunately, Gardner Plumbing provides a non-invasive slab leak repair solution that will save you money, time, and cause the least amount of damage to your property.

Slab leak detection can be tricky if you don’t know what you are looking for. Sometimes it is obvious, but other times it may not be so clear. If in doubt, take action and get a reliable slab leak detection plumber to your home to look into the problem with the proper equipment and experience. You can then rest assured you will get the best solutions.

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What Makes a Great Slab Leak Detection Plumber?

While some water leaks are easy to spot, slab leak detection can be a different story. You may be able to do it yourself, but most people feel more confident when they have the input of a professional slab leak detection plumber.

Because slab leaks take place underneath the concrete slab of your home, it is difficult to get to, and until sign literally rise to the surface, you may never know for sure.

There are a few strong indicators you can likely count on to help you determine if it’s time to call Gardner Plumbing for our slab leak detection and repair services.

Damaged or Wet Flooring
Because slab leaks occur underneath the concrete slab of your property, you will likely notice your floor coverings becoming damaged or appearing wet. The damage can be in the form of buckling wood, shifting tile, or soggy carpet. The longer the slab leak is happening you will likely see more extensive and evident damage. When this occurs, you are facing more than just the replacement or repair costs of the floor covering. Without fixing the root slab leak issue, any replacement floor coverings will also become damaged.

Surprising Water Bill Increases
Water leaks mean that there is constant water flow, and when that flow is not to the faucets and appliances you intend the for, you are literally wasting money. Water bill increases beyond what you may expect are a strong sign that there is a leak somewhere. When the leak is in your hot water line, the costs rise even further as your hot water heater will then be running more to keep up with the constant outflow of hot water.

Water Puddles
Puddling water may be from something your child spilled or perhaps a leaking appliance, but when you see the same puddle in the same place more than once, this can be an indication that you have a slab leak rising up to the surface. This puddling presents the opportunity for damage to your floor coverings. Extended water puddling can also occur outside of your home on exterior concrete slabs. Water pipes often run under exterior concrete for sprinkler lines. These can be a water waster as well, and call for hast slab leak detection.

Warm Floor Temperatures
It’s an unfortunate fact that many of the slab leaks that occur are with your hot water pipes. This mans that the costs involved with the slab leak are even higher, as mentioned above in the water bill increases section. When this type of leak is present, you may notice the extra detail that the water is warm or even hot. The hotter it is, the larger the leak likely is, or the closer to the surface it lies. This warm temperature is usually easier to detect on hard, smooth flooring such as linoleum, wood, or tile, but it can also be present with carpet. Even if there is no water pooling present, the higher temperature can be an indication of a slab leak underneath.

Diminished Water Pressure
Water pressure is meant to be regulated. This pressure serves to deliver a steady and consistent flow of water to each of the faucets in your home or office. When the pressure seems to diminish at a specific faucet with no reason, especially when no other faucets are open and being used, you can assume there may be a slab leak somewhere. This is a good sign you should call in a slab leak detection plumber to determine if this is the case.

Running Water Sounds
The sound of running water when none is to be expected can be another sign of a slab leak. Water leaking from a pipe will sometimes flow noisily. This running water sound is a tip that slab leak detection may be necessary. This could also be a sign that there is going to be others of the slab leak signs present.

Foul Smells
When water flows where it is not meant to, it likely means there is stagnating water somewhere. This pooling water over time will begin to stink and could lead to other serious issues such as vermin infestation and disease. Another likely outcome of this water pooling is the introduction of mold and mildew. When this nasty growth occurs under your flooring, your floorboards and flooring can show outward visible signs of this as well. Professional slab leak detection early enough can prevent this from ever becoming an issue.

In Conclusion
Slab leak detection plumbers are trained and experienced in identifying and then recommending appropriate slab leak repair solutions. We have been specializing in slab leak detection and slab leak repair for many years. This is one of our primary services and one we take great pride in. Our team of slab leak plumbers are ready to show up when you need them.  

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Slab Leak Plumbing Should Be Done The Right Way!

Doing slab leak plumbing properly can prevent unnecessary damage to your property and fix the slab leak problem without draining your wallet along the way. Trust Gardner Plumbing for professional Slab Leak Plumbing services!